XXV Edition

1-2 December 2016"

The 2016 MBF Conference is offered in partnership with:

Specifically, the Conference organizers in collaboration with the editors of the Journal of Financial Stability (JFS), will invite the authors of select Conference papers to submit their manuscripts to the JFS. Although there is no special issue associated with the Conference, the editorial team of the journal will ensure the selected papers undergo a fast-track review process while maintaining the otherwise regular editorial, refereeing, and revision standards of the journal. This special consideration is granted in light of the anticipated high caliber of the papers in the Conference program.

The Frontiers in Finance and Economics (FFE) will publish a Special Issue devoted to the Conference and falling within the scope of the journal. FFE is a refereed journal that publishes original, empirical, theoretical, and methodological articles in Economics and Finance. Any paper presented at the MBF Conference can be submitted to the FFE special issues. Papers dealing with the following topics are particularly welcome: financial markets and institutions, securities pricing, financial engineering, emerging markets, international capital flows, foreign direct and portfolio investment, investment theory, financial liberalization and innovation, sovereign debt issues, international trade, structural policies and economic adjustment, open economics issues, sustainable development, country and comparative studies, economic history, development, transition economies and their problems.

Economic Notes (EN) invites MBF Conference attendees to submit papers that fall in the domain of the journal – macro, money, finance and banking – ensuring them that there will be a fast-track procedure for replies. EN normally gives the first feedback within three months and under the MBF fast-track that will be shortened to two months. EN strives to provide a forum for open  discussion on issues relating to macro, money, finance and banking. Over the years, the MBF Conference has provided a constant high quality flow of submissions to EN and its editors are sure the tradition will continue with the 2016 edition.

Rivista Bancaria-Minerva Bancaria (RBMB) offers the opportunity to go through a fast-track reviewing process (6 weeks). Authors will not be charged by any submission fee for the Journal. In addition, papers related to the Italian and European banking sectors, from both a regulatory and a market perspective (e.g. changes in European banking regulation and supervision, the impact of the structural decline in interest rates term structure on bank profitability and the challenges coming from the new trends in the banking sector consolidation process) can be submitted to a specific Conference session organized by the Journal: the papers admitted to this special session are eligible for the RBMB Best Research Paper Award.

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